The Dinosaur Battlegrounds Mission

Our goal is create an experience that is immersive, entertaining, educational, realistic, challenging, and thought-provoking. We do not intend to debate or champion any single hypothesis. We will rely on collaboration with and guidance from the scientific community, including research conducted by members of our own team. We hope can contribute to the search for the truth about the Earth's incredible history, and push the limits of what paleoart has been able to add to the study of ancient life.

Our Goals

  • Remain accurate and simulate reality close enough to offer a means by which scientists can test hypotheses; socially, visually and mechanically. 
  • Provide scientists with a tool by which they can directly communicate their research in a way that can reach young minds and inspire more people to learn about the science.
  • Use a portion of our revenue to fund fossil digs, and research projects in the earth sciences, particularly projects that can aid us in improving simulations used in our software. 
  • Improve the standards of paleoart, and break down misconceptions in both the art and science.  
  • Utilize data from the research of scientists to continually improve the accuracy of our simulation.
  • Carve out a path for entirely new genre of gaming that takes the standards to new heights and offer fresh experiences for players.